Lucrative Compensation Plan

Our Compensation Plan was built for short term earning potential and also the security of long term residual income .

The basic concept behind our Compensation Plan is to encourage you to share your business success with others and be paid for doing so.

Our Compensation Plan is a hybrid plan designed for newbie and profesional networker .

Membership Level have 2 separate line for newbie and profesional networker .

Membership is always Free and no obligation to join our program .



Our commission calculations are carried out based on business volume points, not levels. A formula, which calculates the business volume in the left leg with the right leg is used here to calculate the commission .

Advantages Of Our Compensation Plan

1. Simplicity: Most simplest and understandable compensation plan

2. Spill Over: Spillover is the most obvious of all advantages of the plan.

3. Unlimited Depth: You can build your network in any depth you want, there no limit in our plan.

4. Volume Driven Plan: Our Compensation Plan is a complete volume driven plan. We had limits on the width to 2  but no limits on the depth.

5. More than one business center : You can have unlimited business center and you can be downline to your downline .


We’ve all heard that Network Marketing is a pyramid scheme, but it is actually a viable, respectable, and profitable profession.
We had created a compensation structure that is truly revolutionary. This compensation plan will produce some of the largest income in network marketing history. The plan can’t be described as a binary, a breakaway, a unilevel, or a forced matrix.

It is a revolutionary Revoseven hybrid compensation plan.

Our Compensation Plan was built for short term earning potential and also the security of long term residual income . What is long term viability? It is not just company longevity. If you used to make RM100k and now only can make RM30k, this is not long term viability. Ten years later your check should still be the same fulfilling the promise of long-term residual income. The Revoseven compensation plan includes the principles that ensure that promise can be fulfilled for those who work at it.

Although your downline is organized in a two-leg or two-team structure, our compensation plan is nothing like what the industry refers to as a “binary”.

  1. There are no “cycles.” . Pay one time generate income everyday for your lifetime .
  2. No need to worry about overpaid (where the company pays out more money than it makes). We had calculated that we share 75% of our revenue with our business partner .
  3. No personal payout cap ( You can make unlimited income daily ) .
  4. No penalization of bonuses and pools or fluctuations in cycle requirements to balance payout.
  5. There are no hard, “take away” qualifications or “cumulative” sales and sponsoring requiremens and all the other worries that exist in binary plans.

We make our compensation plan so easy so everyone can generate income they desired.

Revoseven took the powerful concept of a two-team structure, where spillover and cooperative team building have proven so powerful and created a dual down-line pay system that doesn’t have the unfortunate draw backs of conventional binary plans.

It gives newbies a real chance at success and gives experienced marketers the ability to get paid what they are really worth.

With the Revoseven compensation Plan, Business Partner earn commissions for their achievements in any of the following areas:

1. Sponsor Bonus or Fast Start Bonus ( This is for short term )
2. Pairing Bonus ( Long Term residual income – You just need to refer 2 business partner that do the same as you )
3. Unilevel Bonus ( Long Term residual income – We paid up to 7 generation for platinum business partner )





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